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favicon2-4-beersI believe Strong Patrick might be the perfect beer for March 17 festivities, with friends or by yourself cheering on the green in front of a good Christy Moore concert video.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. It has an ultra cool Irish name. If Strong Patrick was crappy beer, the name alone would never be enough to carry it. It would be insulting, in fact. But the name fits.

2. It’s has great parentage. Strong Patrick is brewed by Beau’s Brewing Co., Ontario craft brewer extraordinaire, the best thing to happen to Vankleek Hill since Better Farming magazine took hold there some 20 years ago.

3. It tastes great! It has a fine, substantive body, not gimmicky whatsoever. And that’s just the first gulp. Then…

4. It has an unusually light aftertaste. So, when you crack open your second one, you won’t feel like you’ve swallowed an entire barley field and hop yard. And…

5. It comes in 600 ml bottles. All beer should come in 600 ml bottles. It’s a meaningful, respectful volume. It’s like the brewery knows this is good beer and wants you to enjoy it uninterrupted, for a longer period of time than normal, before you are required to head back to the refrigerator.

6. It packs a wallop. It’s deemed a strong beer, weighing in at 6.9 per cent. However, it doesn’t taste exceptionally sweet or prompt a phlegm response in your throat (see point #4 above).

7. You only need one — see points #5 and #6 above. But you’ll want two. It is very easy to drink.

8. If you buy more than two and drink them, then need to rest your liver, Strong Patrick stays fresh for four months. Right before St. Patrick’s Day, I had a bottle from a batch brewed January 24. Very fresh indeed.

9. It’s brewed with organic hops and organic barley. I don’t care about this, but some pro-organic people will take comfort in it and say organic ingredients positively influence the taste. I don’t think so; I think the key is in the brewer’s ability. A poor brewer could screw up anything, organic or conventional.

10. You want to support local craft breweries, even on a milestone occasion that has traditionally called for an import. With Strong Patrick, you can.