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The scene: it’s Friday night and the kids are in bed. Dishes are done and there’s an hour and a half before one of the grownups falls asleep. We open the fridge, and ‘ta-da’ (as our 2 year old likes to exclaim), there’s a beautiful tall bottle of Block Three’s King Street Saison looking at us. At 500ml, it’s the perfect sized beer to share. So, fittingly, Greg and I are posting our first double review.

What Kate says:

Based in St. Jacobs, Block 3 calls this their flagship beer, a Belgian Saison, with notes of citrus, coriander, peppercorn and bubblegum. I’m a sucker for most Belgian brews, and since Greg had tasted this before, he warned me that, “this is a ‘Kate’ beer, through and through”.

It certainly is. The beer smells much sweeter than it is. And the forethought of bubblegum makes it stand out on your palate. (Sidenote: I now wonder if it’s that bubblegum taste that I love about all Belgians. Hmm…perhaps I should do some further sampling.)

This is a smooth, light, easy drinking saison at 4.6% Alc/Vol, and it made me salivate for more after the first sip. It’s strange to think of citrus and bubblegum flavours together, but it works, deliciously.

You can get this at most local LCBOs, but I suggest taking the fun country drive down Crowsfoot Road into St. Jacobs if you have some spare time.

What Greg says:

This is a pleasantly dry saison, and a nice change of pace for as guy who likes hops-forward beers. It smells sweeter and more sour than it actually tastes. Of course, I drank it with a head cold, so my senses were a bit muted.

Traditionally, Belgian saisons, also known as farmhouse ales, were a style of beer brewed in the winter months and intended to refresh farmers working in the hot summer months. But with its notes of coriander, spice and almost apple cider-like smell, this brew reminds me of Christmas.

It poured with a frothy, clean white head, and tasted fresh – hats off to Block Three for actually putting a bottling date on this beer, so we knew it was brewed up just six weeks ago.