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The latest treat to come out of the Mercer tickle trunk (a.k.a our fridge) was a beautiful bottle of Stonehammer Dunkel, a dark German lager. I’m usually a big fan of European beers, and this one has a pretty castle on the label, so I was excited to try it.

I’ve never tasted a dunkel before, but it sure is fun to say. Yes, I’d like four more dunkels, please. Wikipedia says the word dunkel is used for several types of dark German lager, and can be characterized by smooth malty flavour. This beer is definitely dark, but more transparent than the stouts I’ve recently enjoyed.


When I first poured it, this dunkel was so tantalizing that Greg said, “I just want to smell that.”. It smelled malty and roast-y.  The first sip was heavy on the roasted flavour, but much less sweet than I was expecting. In fact, I would say this is a very ‘drinkable’ beer, as in, ordering four more wouldn’t be out of the question.

The dunkel is Stonehammer’s fall seasonal (October to December) beer, which we picked up right at the brewery. I’d highly recommend that you do the same. The worst part of this beer? The fact that it doesn’t come in a tall boy can.

Stonehammer describes their dunkel as:  A dark German lager designed to style. Malt sweetness and breadiness from primarily Munich malt accented but not overwhelmed by the addition of German Noble hops. Pours a dark copper colour.