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I’m adding Beer 101 English Bitter to my list of favourite summer beers.

This 4.4 per cent sessional out of the Niagara College Teaching Brewery is the kind of homework I like to labour over on the weekend.

Beer 101 English Bitter is instantly likeable, in its light hoppy taste (barely discernable, actually), fruity aroma and rich amber appearance. It’s in the style of a traditional English pub cask ale, but considered a sessional because the alcohol content is low. What a great combination!

Beer 101 English Bitter is refreshing from the first gulp. And hallelujah, it’s a sessional that actually tastes like something. The bitter taste reminds you you’re engaging meaningfully with something other than national brand dishwater masquerading as light beer. Sorry, this always annoys me, especially on a Friday when you know it’s selling by the truckload somewhere while craft beers should, but aren’t.

Someone learned their lessons brewing Beer 101 English. Cheers to you Niagara College Teaching Brewery.