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This week, we found a new beer that really blew our lids. We haven’t stopped talking about it since our first taste earlier this week, so we went back today to get more.

Royal City’s Bamberg Smoked Lager (a smoked German amber lager) is really something. It’s so different than other Old World lagers we’ve had, but that’s what makes it great. As Scotch fans, we loved the dry, smokey flavour that only gets better with each sip. At 5.75 ABV it’s so smooth, so drinkable, you will ask for a refill, and then likely another.

The name comes from the Bamberg region of Germany that’s known for their smoked beers (called Rauchbier), where green malt is dried over beechwood that gives the beer a natural smokiness without being overpowering. Royal City imports the smoked malt used in this beer straight from Germany to stay as authentic to the style as possible.

We bought a one-litre sampler of it direct from the brewery, but came back a few days later because we wanted to try it again. Luckily, Royal City had bottled it in 500mls by then ($4.50 each) , so we could take more home with us.