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Scottish things are usually pretty fun. From what I hear, the weather is mostly crappy in Scotland, so the locals have invented creative ways to pass the time:

  • Kilts – (some) of them choose to wear a skirt without underwear on cold, damp days. Crazy.
  • Bagpipes – they are loud, look like they require a LOT of effort both in the carrying and blowing fields, and most of the songs sound the same. But why not, right Scotland? I’m guessing it’s more of a pride thing, where only the strongest of lung and arm shall play bagpipes.
  • Haggis – the original Turducken 
  • Loch Ness monster – lore is always fun, even if it’s a scary dino-monster. My kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, so this actually seems pretty cool. Does Canada have an equivalent that other countries seek out? Sasquatch? Yeti? Abominable Snowmonster? Wampa?
  • Scotch whisky – what’s not to love? It warms you up, makes you relaxed, all why appearing to be dignified.
  • Golf – That’s a funny game that practically no one is very good at. But there’s a DRINK CART that comes around to make it better. Thank you, Scots. Plus, golfers can (and should) wear those little beret hats with the pom-poms. Adorbs.

So, given how great Scottish things can be, I was thrilled to see a tall boy can of Tartan Pants in our fridge – a Scotch Ale from Big Rig Brewery in Kanata, ON.  A dark beer, with 6.4% ABV, this Scotch Ale is a tasty one. Think bold flavours like smoke and molasses. The first sip instantly set me back to Royal City’s Bamberg Smoked Lager that I love so much.

I wish it had a bit more carbonation to give it a creamier head, although, it sat in our fridge for about a month, so it wasn’t quite fresh. I feel like my dream beer would be a Scotch ale with nitrous, to give it that velvety mouth-feel I love so much about Guinness.

I think this Scotch Ale is a delicious and fun way to mix up the beer fridge offerings. If you’re a fan of Scotch whiskey, or other things Scottish, I would highly recommend checking it out. And it’s under $3, so, c’mon.

I’ve included it beside a pic of my man, Paul McCartney taken by his wife Linda while they lived as a family in Scotland.