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Having two very young children at home means my husband and I get our thrills by visiting the local craft beer section at the LCBO. Greg’s latest trip was right to Wellington Brewery itself, however, where he grabbed a four-pack of their most popular one-off beers.

Lucky for me, this box included the Chocolate Milk Stout. I don’t recall tasting this previously, but I have a sliver of a memory buying a bar of Chocolate Milk Stout soap at the brewery as a stocking stuffer for Greg years back.

If you read my bio, you will see I love stouts and boozy beers. I also love dark chocolate (not in bio), so I was pretty sure I’d like this. Indeed, I do, and all of its sticky sweetness. Pouring into a glass really shows off a beautiful rich brown head, and a body as opaque as motor oil. It smells sweet (they don’t beat around the bush on the label, literally calling it a “…sweet chocolate-milk-stout-label-and-glassand robust stout”), and malty and roast-y, and tastes almost syrupy.

The high alcohol value (7.1%) means the flavours really linger, and coat the sides of your tongue for several minutes after your sip. The taste is like a 70% dark chocolate bar loaded with roasted hazelnuts. It’s similar to the Belgian beers I’m so fond of, most likely from the malt and alcohol percentage.

You probably won’t chug this, or drink many in succession, but it’s great to warm you up on a cold, blustery day. Its heartiness would pair well with any traditional fall meal like stew or roast (I only had white bread and peanut butter handy, and it was still delicious). I’d recommend having this on hand for the fall and winter to delight any guests as fond of sweet, boozy beers like me.

It’s not on the LCBO shelves, but definitely worth the trip down Woodlawn Road to the brewery.