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I’m declaring it: winter cold season is over. Can I get a hell ya?

I wish I knew a statistic that showed how Canada’s productivity takes a nose dive every winter from the time we spend holed up on our couches beside boxes of Kleenex instead of at work. Add to that the toll colds and flu take on your important senses, like smell and taste, and it will make anyone dream of a Snowbird retirement.

Fortunately, I only battled two major colds this winter, but the most recent one had my taste buds on the disabled list. When Greg brought home a tall-boy can of Lake of Bays’ Golden Chai Ale, I was stubbornly defiant that I could power through and enjoy this beer. After all, it was so unique! I never heard of a brewery using chai flavouring and I was incredibly anxious to try it.

I was wrong. I couldn’t taste a thing. It looked beautiful in its dark, golden loveliness. But I couldn’t smell it, and only felt the carbonated bubbles on my tongue.

Luckily, Lake of Bays made more than one can, so I was able to try again, with a healthy immune system this time. Now, I could really savour all that this ale offers. It smelled like a sweet chai latte, but on first sip, was more dry than I was expecting. The spicy aftertaste of cinnamon, cardamom and clove are so delicious and different than any other beers we’ve tasted. If you’re a fan of chai tea and beer, you are going to love this. And at 5.2% alc./vol., it’s very drinkable, so I’d suggest buying a few cans.

As the can says, “Spring is finally here,” and I’ll cheers to that.

What the brewery says:

“Fresh, spicy aromatics introduce this effervescent brew. Real Chai tea offers a hint of cardamom, cinnamon and clove. Ontario hops and a splash of pure orange zest round out the finish.”