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It had been one of those weeks – the kind that have you start dreaming about Friday evening on Tuesday morning. The toddler battles seemed overwhelming and I needed to give myself something to look forward to, to help get through the week. An Ontario craft beer could be the ticket, so I grabbed a bottle of Innocente’s Rye Saison and placed it front and centre in our fridge. Every time I’d open the fridge after that, it reminded me that we’d crack this bad boy open once the kids were asleep on Friday evening. We finally got there, and celebrated (as many parents do) with “Netflix and chill”. I’ll let you decide what the “chill” part entailed.

I’m a fan of Belgian brews (Greg tells me that ‘Saison’ is a Belgian style of beer), and this one was a delight. It smelled sweet, with a note of bubblegum, and was a gorgeous amber colour. It was slightly flat, however, likely because it was bottled in October (Innocente adds the bottling date to their packaging). It’s very drinkable and light, but keep in mind it has a higher alcohol percentage (5.7%) that can hit you faster than you expect.

Innocente, based in Waterloo, brewed this beer to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium in 1815 with ingredients from the home of each of the seven armies who defeated him. As I sipped my beer, I reflected on that historic battle and wondered how it would compare to my particularly tough week managing a certain independent toddler who refuses to wear snow boots and pokes her baby sister in the eyes.

I’m not quite ready to admit defeat or run from the battle in tears (as Napoleon did, apparently), but I will continue to call on my allies (husband, grandparents, friends, strangers at Costco), take out my frustrations on the volleyball court and lastly, keep exploring this delicious world of craft beer.

Cheers to Innocente for this Rye Saison. I can’t wait to taste more from this brewery.