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Family, fun...and beer.

We are a family of beer lovers who think Guelph is a great place to work, grow and enjoy life. To us, enjoying life includes appreciating the superb local beers brewed, served or sold in the city and in the surrounding area.

Guelph craft brewers are part of a wide and supportive brewing community. Like them, we interpret local liberally. We are not connoisseurs. But we’re fans of good beer, and want to share our enthusiasm for the craft beer we discover.

Cheers from the Guelph Beer Blog!

Owen Roberts

I’m a journalist and a musician, which some say gives me among society’s highest occupational beer-drinking credentials! I had my first beer in the 1970s, an Old Vienna, with my grandma, sitting on the porch of the family homestead near Grande Pointe, Ontario. Maybe that early introduction accounts for my penchant for no-nonsense beer – that is, beer with a bite.  Do you hear a country song coming on?


Angi Roberts

I grew up in Creemore, one of Ontario’s first micro-brewery towns. I didn’t realize the impact at the time, but it formed my appreciation of suds, and my appreciation for trying something unique. I’m always up for a new beer; blonde, dark, pale ale, IPA, or lager. My preference is hoppy and beastly cold. And keep the glass, it tastes better from the bottle.

Kate Mercer

The agriculture industry where I work is mostly made up of whiskey or beer drinkers, or both. And although I’m a lover of all libations, I’ve more recently learned to appreciate the diversity beer offers throughout the seasons. I like variety in my beer, but after good friends in the Netherlands introduced me to tasty Belgian brews, my palate has preferred beers that are malty and sweet (and usually high in alcohol) ever since.

Greg Mercer

I’m a journalist who’s worked for newspapers on both coasts, but I didn’t get into craft beer until I moved to Guelph.  As a young beer drinker, it was all mass-produced, watery lagers that you chugged by the gallon. My tastes have grown up a little since then. I like well-made, fresh, taste-forward local beers – and brewers who aren’t afraid to experiment. You can reach me at, and follow me on Twitter at @MercerRecord.


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