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A fine roasted rye pale ale

A fine roasted rye pale ale


Double Trouble Brewing Co.


If our cat Peete cares about which brand of kitty litter we buy, he doesn’t show it. I’ve heard horror stories about cats dumping all over the house if their owners switch litter. Ours could care less.

Owners are a different story. For my wife Angi, it’s been Maxx Scoop, or nothing. And when it comes to cat litter, nothing is not an option. So when we got back from a long weekend holiday and found we had hardly any left — and the clock ticking towards 9 p.m. – we raced out to a grocery store to find the coveted ocean blue pail.

As we were driving, Angi had a brainwave.

“Hey, if we go to Metro,” she said, “we can get some beer, too.”

Right! By now, beer was running lower than cat litter. And in Guelph, the Metro at Stone Road and Edinburgh Road is the city’s lone grocery store with beer sales.

However, it turned out the Metro — and four other places we tried afterwards — were out of Maxx Scoop. In fact, the whole city was. So was the entire province.  And likely the whole country. Later we found that Purina, citing crappy sales, had discontinued Maxx Scoop. A tragic, woeful first-world problem.

Worse, Metro was also out of about half the craft beer varieties it usually carries. That’s good and bad – bad for us trying to find something outside the mainstream, but good because it shows beer sales have really taken off at Metro. We need a place like this to be open when conventional outlets are not (or even when they are, for convenience).

Fortunately, a few cans of Fire In The Rye from Double Trouble Brewing Co. in Guelph were left. Not sure why; maybe some people are a little afraid of it, owing to the fact it’s a roasted rye beer, unfiltered and has flames on the packaging.

I found all that attractive. When we took it home and cracked it open, it turned out to have a distinct spicy flavour that lingers forever, that seems to hit the back of your throat instead of your tongue. I like its presence – it’s not wimpy, neither in taste, nor in its fruity aroma nor in its alcohol content (6.1 per cent).

I like it a lot. I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t. It would have been so convenient to compare it to cat pee, given I was on the hunt for kitty litter. But no cheap tricks like that me. Ow.

The company (briefly) describes Fire In The Rye this way

Fire in the Rye combines the smouldering aroma of rye with the floral notes of centennial hops. Landing at a flavourful 60 IBU’s, this is our boldest beer yet!