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Today is last day of holidays before we rise in the dark tomorrow morning, and head into the office. Gone will be the days of eating and eating and eating, and drinking beer at 2pm just ’cause we can. These holidays have been filled with many a brew. And today isn’t any different.

Granville Island Brewing Lions Winter Ale was today’s mid-afternoon selection.  Their site says it’s “…the ultimate winter comfort brew perfect with…other winter comfort foods”. We paired it with homemade bread, beer cheese, ham, and grainy mustard.

Angi says: On the nose, this is too vanilla-y, it smells too much like candy. But on the tongue, it’s a different story.  I really like this robust flavoured ale. Paired with our savoury snack, it was a great way to spend our last afternoon of winter vacation.

Owen says: This beer reminds me of the need to read labels, so you’re not bowled over by any brew’s uniqueness. For example, the chocolate-vanilla one-two punch of the winter ale is like a hi-test version of Tim’s Ice Cap. It’s almost like dessert. That said, for me it worked well with everything but the grainy mustard.


A note from the Guelph Beer Blog: Yes, yes, Granville Island Brewery isn’t in Guelph. We know that. A reminder that the beer we drink and review doesn’t necessarily have to be brewed in the Guelph area, just consumed in the Guelph area.  Cheers!



Interested in getting some of that beer cheese we ate? Once again, our favourite market came through. Market Fresh has a wide selection of cheeses, and this one, with its hint of beer, was delish.




What the brewery says:
“Winter is coming—and you’re going to like it. With complex layers of vanilla, cocoa, and caramel, our Lions Winter Ale gives you plenty to get warm and cozy with. This brew is nicely balanced so the sweeter flavours don’t overwhelm. You could call it the ultimate winter comfort brew, perfect with cream-based soups and other winter comfort foods.”